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My ludicrous book: Now safe for Canadians [30 Nov 2007|08:29am]
When I initially mentioned that the good people at Baylor University Press were publishing a compendium of my ramblings, some folks from Canada asked if there were a way to buy the book in the birthplace of hockey. Indeed, now there is:

It's selling for CDN$ 12.11, which seems a bargain, even in these days when the Canadian dollar is worth roughly $800 American (or something; I don't get finance, among other things).

There are also Estonian and Dutch language outlets selling the book, but I have yet to hear demands from any of my peeps in the Baltics or the Low Countries, so I'll leave those links untyped.

New Papal encyclical!
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The Book Peddlar [16 Nov 2007|11:32pm]
Some folks in the UK asked about this, and I am now happy to say you can pre-order my ridiculous book right there in the Sceptered Isle:

You can get it for the low, low price of just over seven pounds, which I think comes out to roughly $50 American these days.

Other than that, I have little to report. It is getting chilly in West Virginia, and I'll be working on Thanksgiving day. I hope all of you are doing all right.
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Book Update: Win Money Through Literacy [12 Nov 2007|09:19pm]
I should probably be more on top of this kind of thing, but a friend sent me this clip from the Baylor University student newspaper, dated about a month ago:

The contest encourages participants to submit YouTube videos addressing the content and satirical nature of Breen's book.

First-place winners of the competition will receive $1,000. Second-place winners will receive $500.

I think it's only open to Baylor folks, though, so if you were thinking of satirical YouTube videos as a route to supplement your income, this might not work.

At the risk of sounding atrociously crass, I can't wait to see what they come up with. Sure, James Joyce, you were a famous and successful novelist, but did college students ever make humorous Internet videos to promote "Finnegan's Wake"? I think not!
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Repost: Note from the Management [27 Sep 2007|05:37pm]
This is the journal of holyoffice, one of the moderators of catholicism. If you have any questions or comments about that community that require a moderator's attention, you can contact me by leaving a comment on this journal.

Being a moderator in a Livejournal community is fun and rewarding. Not everyone can claim they've had the glamorous experience of being called a fascist hater of free speech for asking grown men and women not to hurl playground epithets at each other.

Another perk: people who demand a moderator smash their online enemies are often enraged when the moderator instead tries be a calm and polite adult. Then, the full fury of the complainant is turned on the treacherous moderator, with his disgusting fetish for "reason" and "not being a loudmouthed know-it-all."

Of course, not even moderators are perfect. Sometimes, we think we have convinced antagonistic interlocutors to maintain a bare semblance of decorum, only to find them, moments later, competing with each other to deploy the most creative synonym for "Nazi." If that's the case, and an initial intervention by the moderator is unsuccessful, please don't hesitate to contact me again and point me in the direction of the repeat offender, who may indeed have incurred a temporary ban from the community.

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If you liked holyoffice, you'll love it with added paper cuts! [07 Sep 2007|11:00am]
Friends, Roman Catholics, countrymen:

It's been a while since I rapped at ya, as Jim Anchower used to say, and for that I apologize. But I haven't been idle in my offscreen time. In fact, that's why I've returned to holyoffice HQ to make an exciting announcement.

Using the latest in cutting edge 15th century technology, I've devised a way that you can enjoy all the humorousness, sentence fragments, and muddled theology of this blog wherever you go: on the beach, in the bath, hunched over a tepid pot of ramen noodles in an anarchist squat.

That's right: The Holyoffice experience will soon be available in book form!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, and to answer the many questions that are no doubt percolating through your minds, I have characteristically prepared an FAQ.

Bring on the questions!Collapse )
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Note from the management [13 Feb 2007|10:35am]
This is the journal of holyoffice, one of the moderators of catholicism. If you have any questions or comments about that community that require a moderator's attention, you can contact me by leaving a comment on this journal.
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